Object on Object: Decoding the Street Artistry of OX

Object on Object: Decoding the Street Artistry of OX
Object on Object: Decoding the Street Artistry of OX

Title: Object on Object

Creator: OX
Date Created: September 2019
Location Created: Schives gate 5, 4010 Stavanger
Type: Mural

Meet OX: The French Street Art Maestro

A Journey Through Street Art Evolution

OX, the enigmatic French street artist, stands as a testament to the transformative power of urban spaces. From gaining notoriety with the Frères Ripoulin collective in the 1980s to leaving an indelible mark on the streets of Paris and beyond, OX’s journey has been marked by innovation, humor, and a keen understanding of the urban canvas.

Object on Object: Unveiling OX’s Artistic Alchemy

Billboards as Canvases

In September 2019, OX brought his mesmerizing creation, “Object on Object,” to life on the streets of Stavanger, Norway. This mural, located at Schives gate 5, 4010 Stavanger, goes beyond conventional artistry. OX’s unique approach involves repurposing existing billboards and advertising structures, stripping away the original ads, and reassembling them into new, often humorous, compositions.

A Glimpse into OX’s Artistic Universe

Frères Ripoulin Collective: The Genesis

OX’s artistic journey began in the dynamic milieu of the Frères Ripoulin collective. The collaborative spirit of the 1980s collective laid the foundation for OX’s evolution as an artist with a distinctive voice in the street art scene.

Signature Style: Where Abstraction Meets Environment

Abstract Forms and Urban Dialogue

Recognizable by his use of simplified abstract forms, OX’s creations engage in a unique dialogue with their urban surroundings. The artist leverages the inherent synergy between his chosen locations and the abstract elements, creating a visual harmony that transcends traditional boundaries.

The Nuart Connection: Festival of Urban Creativity

©Nuart Festival, ©Brian Tallman Photography

“Object on Object” is not just a mural; it’s a testament to OX’s participation in the renowned Nuart Festival. The festival, dedicated to urban creativity, provided OX with a platform to showcase his ingenuity, with the mural serving as a dynamic intersection of artistic expression and public engagement.

Spray Paint Symphony: OX’s Medium of Choice

Art Genre: Street Art, Art Movement: Street Art

OX’s chosen medium, spray paint, becomes a symphony in the creation of “Object on Object.” The vibrant colors and meticulous strokes contribute to the mural’s immersive and captivating presence.

A Private House Transformed: OX’s Impact on Space

Beyond Walls: The Art of Transformation

Located on a private house, “Object on Object” goes beyond the conventional gallery space. OX transforms private spaces into public expressions, blurring the lines between personal and shared experiences.

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