Unveiling Rodez’s “Ojos” in Bogotá’s Street Art Scene

ojos rodez

Introduction to Rodez

Rodez, a noteworthy figure in Bogotá’s street art landscape, created an artwork titled “Ojos” in 2012. Though limited details are available, Rodez’s contribution to the urban art scene in Bogotá remains significant.

The “Ojos” Creation

In 2012, Rodez conceptualized and crafted “Ojos,” an artwork whose specific details and features remain undisclosed. Situated in Bogotá, Colombia, this creation by Rodez is a testament to the artist’s engagement with the city’s urban art narrative.

Rodez’s Artistic Contribution

As an artist involved in Bogotá’s street art scene, Rodez’s work likely embodies the vibrancy and artistic diversity prevalent in the city’s urban spaces. “Ojos” might represent a singular piece within Rodez’s broader portfolio, contributing to the colorful tapestry of Bogotá’s street art.

Impact and Legacy

While details regarding the specifics of “Ojos” are scarce, Rodez’s artwork, embedded within Bogotá’s streets, reflects the artist’s creative vision and their desire to engage with the urban environment. The mural potentially remains a lasting mark in the city’s ongoing dialogue with street art.


Rodez’s creation, “Ojos,” in Bogotá encapsulates the artist’s participation in the city’s vibrant street art culture. Despite the limited information available, Rodez’s work, residing within the urban landscape of Bogotá, contributes to the visual narrative and cultural significance of street art within the Colombian capital.

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