Jaz’s Open Walls Baltimore 1 Mural

Jaz’s Open Walls Baltimore 1 Mural
Jaz’s Open Walls Baltimore 1 Mural

Artwork Details

  • Title: Open Walls Baltimore 1 – Jaz
  • Creator: Jaz
  • Date Created: 2012
  • Location: 406 E. Oliver St. Baltimore, MD, United States
  • GPS Location: 39.307051,-76.610488

A Glimpse at Jaz’s Contribution to Open Walls Baltimore

In 2012, the vibrant city of Baltimore, Maryland, welcomed the artistic brilliance of Jaz as part of the Open Walls Baltimore initiative. The mural, named “Open Walls Baltimore 1 – Jaz,” stands as an artistic testament located specifically at 406 E. Oliver St. in Baltimore, MD.

The Artist Behind the Creation

Jaz, renowned for his evocative and visually striking murals, lent his expertise to this particular project. His artistic signature is recognized for its fusion of traditional muralism with modern street art elements, creating a unique visual narrative that captivates audiences.

Unveiling Art on the Walls

The mural, positioned strategically in the heart of Baltimore, not only serves as a testament to Jaz’s creative vision but also contributes significantly to the urban art scene in the area. Jaz’s involvement in the Open Walls Baltimore project added another layer of artistic depth to the city’s streetscape.

The Impact of Location

Located at 406 E. Oliver St., the mural occupies a space where passersby and residents can immerse themselves in the vibrancy and cultural significance of street art. The positioning of this artwork contributes to the revitalization of public spaces and stimulates artistic dialogue within the community.


Jaz’s contribution to the Open Walls Baltimore initiative through the creation of the mural “Open Walls Baltimore 1 – Jaz” in 2012 continues to resonate as a testament to the intersection of street art, culture, and community engagement in Baltimore’s urban landscape.

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