Sten Lex: Crafting Urban Narratives

Sten Lex: Crafting Urban Narratives
Sten Lex: Crafting Urban Narratives

Title: Paesaggio – Working Progress

  • Creator: Sten Lex
  • Creator Nationality: Italian
  • Creator Birth Place: Italy
  • Date: 2013
  • Location Created: Via Caffaro 14, Rome

Evolving Strokes on Urban Canvas

In 2013, the streets of Rome bore witness to a transformative artistic narrative orchestrated by Sten Lex. Under the moniker of the Outdoor Project, their mural “Paesaggio – Working Progress” unfolded as a testament to the duo’s innovative prowess in the realm of street art.

Tracing the Artistic Journey

Born in Italy, Sten Lex are pioneers of Italian “stencil graffiti,” marking their foray into the artistic arena of Rome in 2001. Their oeuvre initially revolved around monumental renditions, towering four meters in height, intricately capturing details from stamps, banknotes, and illustrations of the past.

Resonance of Classic and Modern

Masters of the stencil technique, Sten Lex juxtaposed classical art with a contemporary twist. Their art, although rooted in historical references, portrays a fusion of past and present without irreverence. Rather, it represents a homage to classical art rendered in a modern vernacular.

Acknowledgement and Influence

The pair’s adeptness with stencil techniques gained recognition from prominent street artists like Banksy, leading to their invitation to the renowned Can’s Festival in London. Their stencil posters and mural paintings have graced the streets of major European cities, imprinting the urban landscape with their distinctive style.

The Transformative Mural: “Paesaggio – Working Progress”

Situated at Via Caffaro 14 in Rome, the mural was a transformative chapter in Sten Lex’s artistic journey. Spanning 12 meters in width and 26 meters in height, it marked a departure from their figurative works, embracing abstract lines, fragmented traits, and geometric forms. The mural was a testimony to their artistic evolution and the festival’s growth, funded through a pioneering crowdfunding initiative.

Embracing Change and Growth

The mural represents a pivotal moment where artistic evolution meets public engagement. It symbolizes the synergy between artistry and community, a culmination of Sten Lex’s return to familiar grounds, redefining the trajectory of their art while fostering an active, supporting public role in their creative journey.


“Paesaggio – Working Progress” stands not just as a mural but as a pivotal milestone in the ever-evolving story of Sten Lex. It embodies their artistic evolution, testament to their roots, and a testament to the dynamic relationship between artists and the communities they engage with.

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