PANTIN’S MAGASIN GENERAUX: A Canvas of History and Street Art

pantin s magasin


  • Date: 1931
  • Physical Location: Pantin, France

The Genesis of MAGASINS GENERAUX: 1931

In the annals of Pantin, France, the year 1931 marks a significant milestone with the inauguration of the MAGASINS GENERAUX building by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Spanning 20,000 square meters, this concrete behemoth along the Ourcq Canal not only facilitated the flow of goods but also became a symbol of industrial prowess, boasting 1.4 km of gangways.

Heyday and Decline: 1958 to 2000

By 1958, MAGASINS GENERAUX had evolved into a bustling hub with over 120 employees. However, the subsequent decades witnessed shifts in the agricultural and food industries, leading to a decline in the building’s activities. As the 2000s dawned, the doors of MAGASINS GENERAUX closed, leaving behind a cavernous space awaiting its next chapter.

Graffiti Renaissance: Abandonment Beckons Art

The dormant MAGASINS GENERAUX became a canvas for local graffiti artists. Abandoned, yet brimming with history, its concrete walls transformed from plain grey to a riot of colors. The fusion of architectural remnants with the vibrant graffiti bestowed a unique notoriety upon this exceptional location, where the echoes of aerosol sprays drowned in the silence of neglect.

Preserving the Past:

As the future beckoned with the sound of pneumatic drills, the legacy of MAGASINS GENERAUX was not forgotten. In 2016, advertising agency BETC moved in, but before turning a new page, homage was paid to the building’s street art era. emerged as the guardian of this cultural transition, meticulously photographing and creating a virtual 3D model of every square meter. This initiative ensured the conservation of the graffiti both inside and out, allowing everyone to relive the vibrant street art era of this iconic structure.

A Monument Reimagined: PANTIN’S MAGASIN GENERAUX Lives On

From its industrial genesis in 1931 to the graffiti-laden canvas of abandonment, PANTIN’S MAGASIN GENERAUX stands as a testament to the ebb and flow of time. Preserving its past while embracing the dynamism of the present, this monumental structure, once a symbol of commerce, now echoes with the vibrant hues of street art, forever etched in the virtual corridors of

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