Pedro Perelman: The Versatile Argentine Artist

Pedro Perelman: The Versatile Argentine Artist
Pedro Perelman: The Versatile Argentine Artist

An Artistic Journey

Pedro Perelman, born in Argentina in 1979, stands as a versatile and impactful figure in the realm of street art. As a member of the FASE collective, Perelman played a significant role in redefining the visual language on the streets of Buenos Aires, collaborating with various artists and collectives to craft a new artistic narrative.

A Fusion of Styles and Techniques

Perelman’s artistic flair is marked by an impressive blend of techniques borrowed from graphic design, illustration, and graffiti. His portfolio encompasses a diverse range of artworks, showcasing his adaptability and creativity. From monumental murals created collaboratively within collectives to intricate graphic woodblock prints, and from abstract to figurative paintings and wooden sculptures, Perelman’s oeuvre is a testament to his artistic versatility.

Exploring the Streets of Buenos Aires

Working with acrylic on wood, Perelman’s artistic endeavors often found a canvas in the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires. His pieces, with dimensions measuring w45 x h65 cm, reflect his dedication to merging artistic expression with the urban landscape, bringing creativity and thought-provoking imagery to the public eye.


Pedro Perelman, an Argentine artist whose talents extend across various artistic domains, has significantly contributed to the visual landscape of Buenos Aires. His collaboration with the FASE collective and his wide-ranging artistic creations underline his capacity to redefine and reshape street art, elevating it to a multi-disciplinary form that captivates and intrigues audiences.

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