Perception Ipin: Cozythrias’ Filipino Street Art Masterpiece

Perception Ipin: Cozythrias’ Filipino Street Art Masterpiece
Perception Ipin: Cozythrias’ Filipino Street Art Masterpiece

Title: Perception Ipin

  • Creator: Cozythrias
  • Date: 11/21/2013
  • Location Created: Las Piñas, Metro Manila, Philippines

Unveiling the Genius of Cozythrias in “Perception Ipin”

1. Introduction:

  • Cozythrias, a prominent Filipino street artist, left an indelible mark on the urban landscape with his masterpiece titled “Perception Ipin.” This artwork, born on November 21, 2013, is a testament to Cozythrias’ mastery of street art.

2. Creator’s Identity:

  • Known by the moniker Cozythrias, the artist hails from the Philippines, contributing significantly to the vibrant and evolving Filipino Street Art Project.

3. Date and Location:

  • “Perception Ipin” came to life on November 21, 2013, in Las Piñas, Metro Manila, embedding itself into the fabric of this bustling city.

4. Filipino Artistry:

  • Cozythrias’ Filipino heritage is palpable in “Perception Ipin,” showcasing a deep connection to the rich artistic traditions and cultural narratives of the Philippines.

5. Provenance and Collaborators:

  • The creation of “Perception Ipin” is a collaborative effort, with Jon Cozy and Doi contributing to its provenance. This collaborative spirit adds layers of meaning and communal identity to the artwork.

6. Street Art Medium:

  • “Perception Ipin” is a masterpiece crafted from metal and adorned with acrylic paint. Cozythrias’ choice of materials reflects both resilience and the fluidity of expression in the realm of street art.

7. Las Piñas as a Canvas:

  • Located in Las Piñas, Metro Manila, this artwork engages with the urban environment, transforming a section of the city into a canvas that speaks to the hearts and minds of those who encounter it.

8. Metal and Acrylic Fusion:

  • The fusion of metal and acrylic in “Perception Ipin” creates a visual spectacle, inviting viewers to explore the intersections between different artistic elements and forms.

9. The Narrative of Perception:

  • “Perception Ipin” hints at a narrative centered around perception, encouraging viewers to question and reflect on their understanding of the artwork and, by extension, the world around them.

10. Legacy in Filipino Street Art:

  • Cozythrias’ “Perception Ipin” contributes to the legacy of Filipino street art, adding a distinctive voice to the ongoing dialogue within the global street art community.

Conclusion: A Timeless Exploration of Perception in Metro Manila

“In the heart of Metro Manila, Cozythrias’ ‘Perception Ipin’ stands as a timeless exploration of Filipino identity, artistic innovation, and the power of perception. As viewers engage with the metal and acrylic masterpiece, they become part of a broader conversation about the intersections of culture, art, and individual perspectives.”

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