Phobik’s “PhobikGod” Captured by Hollowdoubt

phobikgod hollowdoubt phobik

The Artist: Phobik

Phobik, an influential figure in the realm of street art, left an indelible mark with his creation “PhobikGod.” Known for his distinct style and captivating murals, Phobik’s work has gained recognition within the urban art scene.

“PhobikGod” Unveiled

In Los Angeles, California, on June 28, 2014, Phobik unleashed “PhobikGod,” a mural photographed by hollowdoubt at the corner of Melrose & Curson. This artwork was a striking representation of Phobik’s skill with aerosol and spray paint, capturing attention through its visual allure.

Exploring the Artistry

The medium of aerosol and spray paint enabled Phobik to create an impactful piece that spoke volumes about his artistic prowess. The specific location chosen in Los Angeles allowed the artwork to become a part of the city’s vibrant street art culture.

Capturing the Essence

Hollowdoubt’s photograph immortalized “PhobikGod,” capturing not just the mural but also the essence of Phobik’s artistic vision. The imagery, captured on that summer day in 2014, showcased the convergence of urban artistry and contemporary expressionism.


“PhobikGod,” a creation by Phobik captured by hollowdoubt, remains a testament to the talent and creativity prevalent in the street art world. This mural, existing at the intersection of Melrose & Curson in Los Angeles, encapsulated the essence of Phobik’s artistic ingenuity and contributed to the rich tapestry of urban art in the vibrant cityscape of California’s cultural capital.

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