The Enigmatic Street Art Collaboration: “Pisadas”

pisadas bicromo un pueblo un mural and fonso

Unveiling the Collaborators

  • Title: Pisadas
  • Creators: Bicromo, Un pueblo un mural, Fonso
  • Date: 2013
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia

A Fusion of Artistry: “Pisadas”

The collaborative effort of Bicromo, Un pueblo un mural, and Fonso resulted in the street art masterpiece named “Pisadas.” Created in 2013 within the bustling streets of Bogota, Colombia, this artwork continues to captivate and intrigue art enthusiasts and passersby.

Mysterious Yet Influential Creators

While details about the individual artists remain elusive, the collaboration produced a striking piece of art that transcends the anonymity of its creators. “Pisadas” exemplifies a fusion of diverse styles, themes, and techniques, showcasing the artistic synergy that emerged when these talents combined forces.

Bogota’s Canvas: “Pisadas”

The streets of Bogota became the canvas for this collaboration. “Pisadas” merges elements of urban culture, Colombian heritage, and contemporary artistry, leaving an indelible impression on the cityscape and resonating with the cultural vibrancy of Bogota.

Leaving a Mark on Bogota’s Urban Tapestry

Despite the limited details available about the creators and the creation process, “Pisadas” stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring allure of street art. It adds a layer of mystery to Bogota’s street art scene, encouraging interpretation and engagement from its audience.


“Pisadas,” crafted through the collective efforts of Bicromo, Un pueblo un mural, and Fonso, embodies the essence of collaborative street art. Its presence in Bogota’s streets serves as a reminder of the artists’ ability to leave an indelible mark on an urban landscape, even while their identities remain enigmatic.

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