Underground Doesn’t Exist Anymore: A Secret Intervention by Urban Visionaries

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Unveiling the Collaborative Creation

In the heart of Paris, France, a clandestine intervention titled “Underground doesn’t exist anymore” materialized in 2014, challenging the very notion of the underground in the urban art scene. This collaborative effort brought together the creative minds of Lek & Sowat, Mode 2, and Futura 2000, transcending conventional boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the Palais de Tokyo.

The Collective Visionaries

Lek & Sowat: Renowned for their exploration of abandoned spaces, Lek & Sowat are pioneers in the realms of street and underground art. Their collaborative efforts have redefined the boundaries of traditional graffiti, transforming forgotten spaces into vibrant canvases that blur the lines between urban decay and creative revival.

Mode 2: A pivotal figure in the graffiti and street art scene, Mode 2’s work is known for its dynamic and expressive nature. His contributions to “Underground doesn’t exist anymore” add layers of complexity, merging his distinctive style with the collective vision of the intervention.

Futura 2000: With a career spanning decades, Futura 2000 is an iconic figure in the world of street art. His unique approach, characterized by abstract and futuristic elements, has influenced generations of urban artists. In “Underground doesn’t exist anymore,” Futura 2000’s contribution adds a timeless and visionary dimension to the collaborative project.

Details of Creation

  • Title: Underground doesn’t exist anymore
  • Creators: Lek & Sowat, Mode 2, Futura 2000
  • Date: 2014
  • Provenance: Photos par Nicolas Gzeley
  • Type: Secret intervention
  • Rights: Photo par Nicolas Gzeley

A Secret Intervention Unveiled

“Underground doesn’t exist anymore” is more than a mural; it’s a clandestine intervention that challenges the conventional understanding of urban art. Executed in secret, the project reflects the rebellious and subversive nature inherent in the work of these visionary artists. The intervention serves as a commentary on the evolving landscape of street and underground art, questioning the very notion of what is considered “underground.”

Provenance and Photography

The intervention’s provenance lies in the hands of the creators, capturing a moment in time when these urban visionaries came together to reshape the artistic narrative. The photographic documentation, credited to Nicolas Gzeley, becomes a crucial aspect of the project, allowing the clandestine intervention to be shared with a wider audience.

Preview: A Glimpse into the Urban Future

The inclusion of the term “Preview” suggests that “Underground doesn’t exist anymore” is not just a standalone project but a glimpse into the future of urban art. The collaborative effort serves as a preview of what is possible when creative forces unite to challenge norms and redefine the boundaries of artistic expression.


“Underground doesn’t exist anymore” is a testament to the resilience and innovation within the urban art scene. Through the collaboration of Lek & Sowat, Mode 2, and Futura 2000, this secret intervention transcends the ephemeral nature of underground art, leaving an enduring mark on the Palais de Tokyo and sparking conversations about the evolving landscape of creativity in urban spaces.

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