Sirus Fountain’s Vision: Unveiling the “Pyramid Oracle” in New York City

pyramid oracle sirus fountain


  • Title: Pyramid Oracle
  • Creator: Sirus Fountain
  • Creator Lifespan: 1990-05-27
  • Date: 2014-10-09/2014-10-09
  • Location Created: St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 11237, United States
  • Coordinates: Longitude: -73.92268, Latitude: 40.706736
  • Type: Mural

Unveiling Sirus Fountain’s Mural: The “Pyramid Oracle”

Sirus Fountain, a visionary street artist born on May 27, 1990, brought the “Pyramid Oracle” mural to life on October 9, 2014, in the bustling streets of St Nicholas Ave, New York City. The mural stood as a testament to Fountain’s unique artistic prowess and captivated audiences with its enigmatic allure.

The Mystical Interpretation

The “Pyramid Oracle” mural, though not expounded upon in detail, evoked an aura of mysticism, provoking interpretations about ancient symbols and their relevance to contemporary urban life. Fountain’s work often delved into cryptic themes, inviting observers to contemplate the essence of the mural.

A Visionary on the City Walls

Sirus Fountain, through the “Pyramid Oracle,” affirmed their ability to transform ordinary city walls into thought-provoking visual stimuli. Their mural offered a unique lens through which to explore the artist’s perception of the world.

Conclusion Through Visual Enigma

The “Pyramid Oracle” by Sirus Fountain remains a testament to the artist’s ability to leave an indelible mark on New York City’s urban landscape. Though brief in its existence, the mural’s impact continues to resonate, reflecting the artist’s distinctive vision and creativity.

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