Quilt n.28: A Collective Representation of Artistic Solidarity

quilt n 28 collective work

The Artwork: Quilt n.28 by Collective Work

“Quilt n.28” stands as a symbolic testament to artistic collaboration and solidarity within the realms of street art. Created by a collective work in the 20th century, this piece embodies abstract art displayed through various mediums.

The Collective Work: An Artistic Collaboration

The collaborative effort behind “Quilt n.28” represents a coming together of creative minds, utilizing fabric as a support medium to depict an abstract representation. The names associated with individual blankets hint at the diverse personalities involved in the creation process.

Art Genre and Movement

“Quilt n.28” falls within the genre of abstract art, showcasing a departure from traditional representations toward subjective, non-representational compositions. The integration of this piece within the street art movement signifies the breadth of artistic expression in urban settings.

Dimensions and Location

The physical dimensions of “Quilt n.28” span H 360 cm and W 360 cm, showcasing its grandeur and visual impact. The photo capturing this collective artwork was taken at AND’ Studio, located at Via Pietro Colletta n. 69 in Milano, Italy.

Mediums and Support

Utilizing various mediums and fabric as a support, the collective work conveys an abstract narrative through each distinct blanket. The diversity of mediums used hints at the multifaceted nature of the artists’ visions and expressions.

Depicted Persons and Locations

The depiction of various persons on each blanket possibly hints at the collaborative efforts of individuals within a shared context or community. The representation of abstract imagery might reflect places or experiences significant to the artists involved.


“Quilt n.28” remains a compelling emblem of collective artistry and unity within the realm of street art. Through abstract representations and diverse mediums, this piece showcases the power of collaboration and creativity, inviting viewers to delve into the intricate tapestry of artistic expression and shared solidarity.

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