Quilt n.33: An Abstract Street Art Collaboration

quilt n 33 collective work


“Quilt n.33” stands as a collective work that embodies the essence of abstract art within Milan’s street art scene. This collaborative piece, part of the A.S.A. Onlus – Associazione Solidarietà AIDS initiative, represents a fusion of various artistic expressions unified within a quilted canvas.

Artistic Collaboration

The collective work showcases an amalgamation of creative endeavors contributed by various artists. Each distinct section of the quilt reflects a unique artistic interpretation, converging to create a larger tapestry of abstract artistry.

Details and Dimensions

Measuring approximately 360 cm in both height and width, this vibrant display of artistic collaboration captivates with its sheer scale and diversity. The quilt comprises assorted mediums and techniques, highlighting the diverse creative capacities of the contributing artists.

Artistic Elements

Utilizing different materials and forms, the quilt presents an array of abstract elements, showcasing the myriad of styles, colors, and textures that blend harmoniously within the larger collective piece.

Support and Location

Displayed at AND’ Studio on Via Pietro Colletta n. 69 in Milan, Italy, this compelling quilted artwork finds its home within the studio’s space, allowing viewers to engage with its abstract intricacies and diverse artistic perspectives.

Depicted Features

The quilt captures abstract representations and forms, void of specific identifiable features, focusing instead on the amalgamation of varied artistic expressions woven together seamlessly.


“Quilt n.33” symbolizes the collaborative spirit within the realm of street art, showcasing a collective vision through diverse artistic interpretations. Its abstraction, diversity of mediums, and communal creation celebrate the beauty found in collaborative artistry.

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