Reach: Unveiling Artistry at POW! WOW! Hawaii

reach at work reach

Exploring Reach’s Artistic Endeavor in Honolulu

The artist known as Reach left an artistic imprint at the renowned POW! WOW! Hawaii festival, showcasing their creative prowess through an intriguing artwork. The creation titled “Reach at work.” offers a glimpse into the artist’s unique vision during the years 2014 and 2015.

POW! WOW! Hawaii and Reach’s Contribution

Taking place in Honolulu, United States, POW! WOW! Hawaii serves as an international gathering for artists, emphasizing muralism, street art, and creative collaborations. Reach’s artwork at the festival added to the vibrant tapestry of creative expressions during this celebrated event.

The Artwork’s Creation

The creation of Reach’s artwork took place in Taipei City, specifically in the Wanhua District of Taiwan. The location, documented by process photos, captures the essence of the artistic journey undertaken by Reach during this period.

Type of Artwork: Process Photo

The artwork, titled “Reach at work.,” falls within the category of process photos, illustrating the artist’s step-by-step creative process while executing the artwork in Taipei City.

Reach’s Artistic Impact

While specific details about the artwork’s visual elements are not outlined, Reach’s participation at POW! WOW! Hawaii signifies their relevance and impact within the global street art community. The festival provided a platform for Reach to contribute to the global dialogue on contemporary art.

Location and Creator Information

The location details, pinpointing the precise coordinates of the artwork’s creation in Taipei City, along with Reach’s credit as the creator, contribute to the documentation and preservation of the artist’s work within the street art sphere.


“Reach at work.” stands as a testament to Reach’s artistic journey and participation in the renowned POW! WOW! Hawaii festival. While specifics about the visual aspects of the artwork remain unspecified, Reach’s presence at the festival signifies their creative involvement in contributing to the dynamic landscape of street art and muralism during the festival’s iteration in 2014 and 2015.

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