Unveiling “Reclining Woman” by Omen

reclining woman omen
  • Title: Reclining Woman
  • Creator: Omen
  • Date: 2014-07-18/2014-07-27
  • Location Created: 40 Greenleaf St Rochester, NY 14609
  • Type: Mural
  • Rights: Artwork © the respective artist; Photograph © Mark Deff for WALL\THERAPY
  • Medium: Spray Paint

Omen: The Street Artist Behind “Reclining Woman”

The mysterious artist known as Omen contributed a captivating mural titled “Reclining Woman” during the WALL\THERAPY event in Rochester, United States. The mural, created sometime between July 18th and July 27th in 2014, embodies the artist’s distinctive style and thematic expression.

“Reclining Woman”: A Closer Look

Unfortunately, specific details regarding the mural’s visual aspects, size, or thematic elements are not provided. However, it stands as a testament to Omen’s artistic proficiency and the broader conversation about street art in Rochester during the WALL\THERAPY event.

WALL\THERAPY and the Rochester Art Scene

WALL\THERAPY represents a significant urban art initiative aimed at transforming Rochester’s cityscape through vibrant and thought-provoking murals. This project has played a pivotal role in bringing together local and international street artists, providing a platform for creative expression and engaging with the community.

The Legacy of Omen’s Contribution

While the details about Omen’s lifespan and identity remain unknown, the mural “Reclining Woman” serves as a testament to the artist’s impact within the realm of street art. Regrettably, specific details about the mural’s thematic significance or visual impact are not available for elaboration.


“Reclining Woman” by Omen, situated at 40 Greenleaf St in Rochester, remains a visual testimony to the artist’s contribution to the WALL\THERAPY project in 2014. While details about the mural’s specifics are limited, its existence underscores the diversity and influence of street art within the urban landscape of Rochester, fostering dialogue and artistic exploration.

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