“Recycles 03”: Collaborative Artistry in the Urban Landscape of Łódź

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The Artistic Collaboration: Proembrion, Cekas, Sepe, Tone, Chazme

“Recycles 03” is a testament to the collaborative artistry of Proembrion, Cekas, Sepe, Tone, and Chazme. Born out of shared creative vision and collective talent, this collaborative masterpiece emerged in 2014, enriching the urban landscape of Łódź, Poland.

Urban Forms Gallery: Fostering Street Art in Łódź

Situated in Łódź, Poland, the Urban Forms Gallery has been a catalyst for street art. “Recycles 03” is one of the many contributions to the city’s vibrant art scene, serving as a visual dialogue between the creators and the urban environment.

The Dynamic Composition: Proembrion’s Touch

Proembrion, one of the creators behind “Recycles 03,” brings a unique artistic perspective to the collaborative piece. His contribution adds a dynamic layer to the composition, showcasing his individual style within the collective endeavor.

Cekas’ Artistic Imprint: Weaving Narratives

Cekas, another collaborator, weaves narratives into “Recycles 03.” His artistic imprint adds layers of meaning to the mural, contributing to the rich tapestry of visual storytelling that defines the collaborative effort.

Sepe’s Signature Style: Street Art Elevated

Sepe’s presence in “Recycles 03” elevates the mural with his signature style. Known for his distinctive artistic language, Sepe’s contribution adds a touch of uniqueness to the collaborative masterpiece.

Tone’s Aesthetic Influence: Balancing Elements

Tone, as part of the collaborative team, brings an aesthetic influence to “Recycles 03.” His ability to balance elements within the mural contributes to the overall visual harmony, creating a piece that engages and captivates.

Chazme’s Architectural Flair: Urban Aesthetics

Chazme, known for his architectural flair, leaves his mark on “Recycles 03.” His contribution adds an urban aesthetic to the collaborative mural, seamlessly integrating the artwork into the architectural fabric of Łódź.

The Creation: Morcinka 2, 4, Łódź, Poland

“Recycles 03” was born at Morcinka 2, 4, Łódź, Poland. This specific location became the canvas for the collaborative vision of Proembrion, Cekas, Sepe, Tone, and Chazme, transforming the urban space into an open-air gallery of artistic expression.


“Recycles 03” stands as a testament to the power of collaborative artistry within the realm of street art. Proembrion, Cekas, Sepe, Tone, and Chazme, each contributing their unique talents, have created a visual symphony in the heart of Łódź, Poland. This collaborative masterpiece not only enriches the city’s cultural landscape but also exemplifies the transformative potential of collective creativity in urban environments.

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