Recycles 14: Collaborative Artistry in Łódź

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Overview of Recycles 14 Collaboration

The collaborative artwork “Recycles 14” stands as a collective masterpiece created in 2014 as part of the Urban Forms Gallery in Łódź, Poland. This endeavor brought together a consortium of talented artists: Proembrion, Cekas, Sepe, Tone, and Chazme, pooling their distinct styles and expertise to create a unified artistic expression.

Location: Morcinka 2, 4, Łódź

Situated at Morcinka 2, 4 in Łódź, Poland, “Recycles 14” found its home within the dynamic landscape of the Urban Forms Gallery. This location served as a canvas for the artists to merge their individual visions into a cohesive and impactful mural.

Contributing Artists

The collaboration brought together Proembrion, Cekas, Sepe, Tone, and Chazme, each contributing their unique artistic flair to the collective project. Their combined efforts transformed a mere wall into a captivating piece of urban art, showcasing the synergy born from their collaboration.

Artistic Diversity and Unity

The diverse artistic backgrounds of the contributing artists resulted in a mural rich in contrasts and complementary elements. The merging of individual styles and techniques into a single artwork emphasized the unity achievable through artistic collaboration.

Urban Forms Gallery’s Contribution

The Urban Forms Gallery, known for promoting urban art and fostering collaborations between international and local artists, provided the platform and support necessary for “Recycles 14” to materialize. This initiative further solidified the gallery’s commitment to showcasing the vibrancy of contemporary street art.


“Recycles 14” stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in street art. The collective effort of Proembrion, Cekas, Sepe, Tone, and Chazme resulted in a mural that not only adorned the walls of Łódź but also exemplified the beauty born from the fusion of diverse artistic voices. This collaborative endeavor within the Urban Forms Gallery continues to inspire, showcasing the potential for unity and creativity within the realm of urban art.

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