‘Recycles’ Diptych Twin Murals: A Collaborative Creation in Lodz, Poland

recycles diptych twin murals by tone proembrion sepe chazme cekas tone proembrion sepe chazme cekas

In the bustling streets of Lodz, Poland, the ‘Recycles’ diptych twin murals stand as a testament to collaborative creativity. Crafted in 2014, these striking artworks were a collective effort by renowned artists TONE, PROEMBRION, SEPE, CHAZME, and CEKAS, showcased within the Urban Forms Gallery.

The Collaborative Effort

TONE, PROEMBRION, SEPE, CHAZME, and CEKAS, each known for their unique artistic styles, joined forces to create the ‘Recycles’ diptych twin murals. This collaborative endeavor represented the fusion of diverse artistic visions converging into a unified expression.

‘Recycles’: Exploring Artistic Synergy

The diptych twin murals encapsulated the essence of urban artistry. Through this project, the artists aimed to explore the concept of ‘Recycles,’ potentially touching upon themes of sustainability, transformation, and the cyclical nature of life and art.

Urban Forms Gallery: A Hub of Artistic Expression

Situated in Lodz, Poland, the Urban Forms Gallery provided a canvas for these dynamic murals. This creative space served as a cultural hub, inviting artists to contribute to the city’s visual landscape through thought-provoking and visually captivating pieces.

Location and Artistic Impact

The ‘Recycles’ diptych twin murals found their home at Morcinka 2,4 in Lodz, Poland. Positioned within the city, these artworks became integral components of Lodz’s evolving urban art scene, adding layers of creativity and storytelling to the streetscape.


The ‘Recycles’ diptych twin murals, a collaborative endeavor by TONE, PROEMBRION, SEPE, CHAZME, and CEKAS, serve as a symbol of artistic synergy and creativity within Lodz’s urban environment. These visually stimulating artworks within the Urban Forms Gallery reflect the collective effort and diverse perspectives of these renowned artists, enriching the cultural tapestry of Lodz, Poland.

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