Remed and Okuda: London Streets Transformed in 2013

remed and okuda london 2013 remed and okuda

In 2013, the vibrant streets of London’s Southbank Center became a canvas for artistic expression as the collaborative efforts of street artists Remed and Okuda flooded the area with an explosion of colors. Their participation in the Streets of Colour festival, facilitated by NOBULO, brought a passionate display of artistry and creativity to the heart of the city.

About Remed and Okuda

Remed and Okuda are celebrated artists within the street art scene, known for their distinctive styles and bold use of colors. Their individual contributions to the urban art landscape have garnered attention worldwide, with each artist bringing their unique flair and artistic vision to collaborative projects.

Streets of Colour Festival in London

The Streets of Colour festival served as a platform for Remed and Okuda to unleash their creativity onto the streets of London’s Southbank Center. Their collaborative efforts resulted in a stunning visual display that captivated passersby and added vibrancy to the urban setting.

Transformation of London Southbank Center

The collaborative artwork transformed the physical landscape of the London Southbank Center, turning walls into colorful murals that spoke volumes about the artists’ passion for art and self-expression. Remed and Okuda’s use of vivid colors and intricate designs left an indelible mark on the area, becoming a visual spectacle for all to behold.


NOBULO, a facilitator in the street art scene, played a significant role in organizing the Streets of Colour festival. Their involvement provided a platform for artists like Remed and Okuda to share their artistic talents, fostering a greater appreciation for street art within the urban community.

Legacy and Impact

The collaborative mural project by Remed and Okuda stands as a testament to the transformative power of street art. Beyond the visual impact, their work ignited conversations about art, creativity, and the role of public spaces in cultivating cultural experiences within cities.


Remed and Okuda’s collaborative artwork in London’s Southbank Center during the Streets of Colour festival demonstrated their ability to infuse urban landscapes with vibrant colors and artistic passion. Their murals continue to captivate audiences and serve as a reminder of the dynamic and evocative nature of street art.

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