Ren By Gjengen (Clean City Gang) by Fintan Magee: Social Inclusion Through Street Art

ren by gjengen clean city gang fintan magee

Exploring Fintan Magee’s Photorealistic Mural in Stavanger

In September 2018, the renowned street artist Fintan Magee contributed to the Nuart Festival’s Social Inclusion Through Street Art project in Stavanger, Norway. This large-scale photorealistic mural, titled “Ren By Gjengen (Clean City Gang),” stands as a testament to Magee’s artistic prowess and commitment to shedding light on marginalized groups through art.

The Collaborative Initiative

Nuart, in collaboration with Attende, embarked on the Social Inclusion Through Street Art project. Attende, a job training company advocating for the strengths of individuals often overlooked by society, partnered with Nuart to highlight the importance of inclusion and the essential roles every individual plays in society.

The Story Behind the Mural

Magee’s mural outside the popular concert venue Folken in central Stavanger features Yvonne and Ingebrigt from the “Clean City Gang.” This group dedicates its weekdays to the noble cause of collecting litter from the city streets, accumulating over two tons of discarded waste annually.

Promoting Social Inclusion

The collaboration sought to use street art’s democratic and widespread appeal as a medium to address societal issues inclusively. By portraying the essential work of the “Clean City Gang,” Magee’s mural embodies the message that everyone, irrespective of challenges, contributes significantly to society.

Magee’s Artistic Representation

Magee’s choice of photorealism showcases his ability to capture the human essence and portray the individuals behind the “Clean City Gang” with depth and authenticity. His mural brings attention to the group’s dedication and the impact of their contributions to the city.

The Artistic Elements

Magee employed paint as his medium to create this mural, aligning it within the realm of photorealism. The depiction of Yvonne and Ingebrigt against the urban backdrop of Stavanger highlights the connection between the individuals and their environment.

Preserving and Recognizing Contributions

The mural immortalizes the efforts of the “Clean City Gang,” emphasizing the significance of their work in maintaining a clean cityscape. This visual tribute by Magee serves to recognize their tireless contributions to the community.


“Ren By Gjengen (Clean City Gang)” by Fintan Magee exemplifies the power of street art in championing social inclusion and acknowledging the invaluable roles played by individuals often overlooked. Magee’s mural not only captures the essence of Yvonne and Ingebrigt but also serves as a visual ode to the importance of recognizing and celebrating the contributions of every individual in society.

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