Roa: Exploring the Interplay of Life and Death through Street Art

roa detail 1 roa

Early Life and Artistic Development

Roa, born in 1976 in Ghent, Belgium, developed a distinctive artistic style that captivates audiences worldwide. Contrary to spending extensive time in formal art education, Roa honed his painting skills by working with a sign painter in his region and through hands-on experience in the streets. This unorthodox path enabled Roa to cultivate a unique approach to his craft.

The Signature Style of Roa

Roa’s artistic identity revolves around an intense fascination with animals, considering them to possess an inherent significance in the world. His work delves into the interplay between life and death, often exploring themes of decomposition and the cycle of existence. Employing a distinct graphic style, Roa’s pieces showcase a striking contrast between black and white to depict the external features of his subjects, while red accents represent internal organs.

Artistic Exploration and Themes

Central to Roa’s oeuvre is his exploration of the connection between the deceased and the living. Through his art, he highlights the beauty found within the natural processes of decay and renewal. Notably, he carefully selects animals that are characteristic of the regions where he creates his murals, integrating local fauna into his work and thereby establishing a profound connection between his art and its surroundings.

Impact of Roa’s Work

Roa’s murals, often large-scale and intricately detailed, adorn urban landscapes across the globe. His artwork transcends mere aesthetics, provoking contemplation on the deeper facets of life and mortality. By infusing the streets with his thought-provoking pieces, Roa has garnered acclaim within the street art community and beyond.

Street Art: A Medium of Expression

The mural titled “Roa detail 1,” created between April 29 and May 6, 2012, on the Edificio Paraguay at Rep├║blica de Paraguay 42 in Mexico City, exemplifies Roa’s commitment to using street art as a platform for expressing his profound philosophical musings and observations on the natural world.


Roa’s journey from a self-taught artist to an internationally recognized figure within the street art scene is a testament to his dedication, creativity, and unique vision. Through his murals, Roa challenges viewers to confront the complexities of life and mortality, leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscape while inviting contemplation on the intricacies of existence.

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