Roa: Depicting Nature’s Splendor on London’s Walls

roa london roa

The Artwork: Roa in London

Belgian street artist Roa made an indelible mark in London, particularly in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in 2012. The artwork, part of Roa’s celebrated collection, showcases the artist’s prowess in capturing nature through spray painting.

The Artist: Roa

Roa’s identity remains somewhat mysterious, with limited public information available about the artist. Renowned for his large-scale murals featuring animals, Roa’s work often highlights themes of nature, wildlife, and biodiversity.

Location and Artistic Endeavors

The mural created by Roa on Chance St in London Borough of Tower Hamlets exemplifies the artist’s ability to bring urban spaces to life with his realistic and detailed portrayals of animals. Roa’s artistry has gained recognition for its intricacy and connection to natural elements.

Type and Rights

Utilizing spray painting as his primary medium, Roa’s artwork falls under the category of street art. The rights to the artwork in London belong to Roa, highlighting the artist’s dedication to preserving the integrity of his creations.

Connection to The Street Museum of Art

Roa’s artwork in London may be part of The Street Museum of Art, a digital platform dedicated to documenting and preserving street art around the world. This affiliation could signify the significance of Roa’s work within the global street art landscape.


Roa’s contribution to London’s street art scene through his mural on Chance St encapsulates the artist’s ability to merge art and nature, transforming urban spaces into canvases that celebrate wildlife and biodiversity. Despite the artist’s anonymity, Roa’s murals continue to captivate audiences, leaving an enduring impression on those who encounter his evocative depictions of animals on city walls.

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