Logic’s Mural at Rose Street Car Park, Fitzroy, Melbourne

rose street car park fitzroy melbourne logic

Creator Profile

  • Artist: Logic
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Gender: Male

The Mural Creation

On July 20, 2014, the Australian artist known as Logic contributed a mural to the vibrant street art scene in Melbourne, Australia. His artwork adorned the walls of the Rose Street car park located in the eclectic Fitzroy area, a hub known for its artistic expression.

Collaboration with Melbourne Street Art Projects

Logic’s mural was part of the Melbourne Street Art project initiated by Invurt.com & Land of Sunshine, showcasing the city’s diverse and dynamic street art scene. This collaboration provided a platform for artists like Logic to display their creative prowess.

Location and Artistic Impact

The choice of the Rose Street car park in Fitzroy, Melbourne, as the site for Logic’s mural was strategic. The artwork contributed to the area’s cultural richness, adding a new dimension to the urban landscape and inviting engagement from residents and visitors.

Provenance and Copyright

The mural created by Logic is under the copyright of Dean Sunshine, an advocate and documenter of Melbourne’s street art scene. Dean Sunshine’s efforts have contributed significantly to the recognition and preservation of street art within the city.

Type of Artwork: Mural

Logic’s creation at Rose Street car park, Fitzroy, Melbourne, falls under the category of a mural. This larger-than-life art form allows artists to express their creativity on a grand scale, capturing attention and evoking emotions from passersby.


Logic’s mural at the Rose Street car park in Fitzroy, Melbourne, stands as a testament to the city’s thriving street art culture. As part of the Melbourne Street Art project, Logic’s contribution adds depth and artistic flair to the urban landscape, showcasing the diversity and talent within Australia’s street art community.

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