Gerilya: Crafting Filipino Narratives on Urban Canvas

sa dibdib ko y buhay gerilya

Title: Sa Dibdib Ko’y Buhay

Creator: Gerilya

Creator Nationality: Filipino

Creator Gender: Male, Female

Date: 2011

Location Created: Quezon City, Philippines, Metro Manila, Philippines

Provenance: Gerilya

Type: Street Art

Medium: Wheatpaste

Project Link: Gerilya Tumblr

Gerilya: Weaving Stories Through Wheatpaste

In the bustling metropolis of Metro Manila, where concrete structures dominate the landscape, Gerilya emerges as a Filipino street artist weaving narratives on the urban canvas. The year 2011 marked a significant chapter in Gerilya’s artistic journey with the creation of “Sa Dibdib Ko’y Buhay.”

Unveiling “Sa Dibdib Ko’y Buhay”: Crafting Life Stories

Title’s Essence

The mural’s title, “Sa Dibdib Ko’y Buhay,” resonates with the essence of life, reflecting Gerilya’s intent to infuse art with the pulse of human existence.

Creator’s Identity

Gerilya, embracing both male and female genders, blurs the boundaries, making a powerful statement about inclusivity and fluidity within the realm of street art.

Chronicle of Creation: Quezon City’s Tapestry

Date and Location

In 2011, the walls of Quezon City, Philippines, became the canvas for Gerilya’s expression. Metro Manila, pulsating with life, provided the backdrop for this artistic endeavor.

Provenance by Gerilya

The provenance of “Sa Dibdib Ko’y Buhay” rests with Gerilya, marking the authenticity and direct involvement of the artist in the creation and curation of the piece.

Street Art with Wheatpaste: Medium of Resonance

Wheatpaste as a Medium

Gerilya chose wheatpaste as the medium, a versatile and accessible substance that adheres seamlessly to urban surfaces, echoing the ephemeral nature of street art.

Exploring Filipino Identity

Project Link

For those seeking a deeper dive into Gerilya’s portfolio, the Gerilya Tumblr serves as a digital trove, offering insights into the artist’s projects and explorations.

Note: The provided project link offers a direct avenue to explore Gerilya’s body of work on their official Tumblr page.

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