Exploring Sambre’s Special Project at Les Bains: A Museum of Street Art Initiative

sambre at les bains rC3%A9sidence d artistes special project photo st%C3%A9phane bisseuil sambre

Introduction to Sambre

Sambre, an enigmatic street artist, made a notable contribution to the art world through a special project hosted at Les Bains, a renowned residence for artists, organized by the Museum of Street Art (MoSA) in Paris, France. Despite limited available details, Sambre’s involvement in this particular project signifies their impact within the street art community.

The Special Project at Les Bains

In 2013, Sambre participated in a special project at Les Bains, known as a residence for artists, curated by the Museum of Street Art in Paris. This initiative likely showcased Sambre’s artistic prowess and was captured in a photograph by St├ęphane Bisseuil, preserving the essence of the project.

Location: MoSA

The Museum of Street Art (MoSA), situated at 78 rue Amelot, Paris 75011, served as the location where Sambre’s project was stored or documented. This museum, dedicated to the celebration and preservation of street art, likely housed or exhibited the results of Sambre’s artistic endeavor.

The Intrigue of Sambre’s Work

While specifics about Sambre’s project at Les Bains remain scarce, the artist’s participation in this residency underscores the intrigue and significance of their art within the street art community. Sambre’s artistic expression likely contributed to the broader conversation surrounding urban art.


Sambre’s involvement in the special project at Les Bains, organized by the Museum of Street Art in Paris, represents a moment in the artist’s career that intertwined with a prominent institution dedicated to celebrating street art. Despite limited available information, Sambre’s contribution to this initiative emphasizes their relevance and impact within the realm of contemporary street art.

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