Sans titre de Kraken: A Parisian Tapestry Unveiled

sans titre de kraken kraken

The Artistic Odyssey of Kraken

Journey into the Streets of Paris

  • Kraken, currently based in Paris, embarks on an artistic odyssey that weaves fascination with contemporaries, everyday objects, and the metamorphoses of the body over time. In 2009, Kraken, alongside Vincent Chery, establishes the RDLS collective, marking the inception of a transformative artistic venture.

RDLS Collective: Seeds of Collaboration

Kraken and Vincent Chery Unite

  • The birth of the RDLS collective in 2009 becomes a pivotal moment for Kraken and Vincent Chery. What follows are years of exploration and research, delving deep into the intricacies of their craft. The collective lays the foundation for Kraken’s artistic evolution.

Evolution of Drawing: A Quest for Identity

From Isolation to Street Murals

  • In 2012, Kraken, seeking liberation from the isolation of studio work, takes to the streets with a brush in hand. The artist’s focus shifts to the development of his drawing, a journey of self-discovery that transcends the confines of the studio. The city becomes his canvas.

Giant Octopuses: Kraken’s Urban Signature

Tentacles Across Paris

  • Kraken’s giant octopuses unfurl across the urban landscape of Paris, their sprawling tentacles adorning facades and rooftops. What started as a personal exploration in the streets has blossomed into an expansive exhibition that breathes life into the city’s architecture.

Observing Life Unfiltered

A Commitment to Honesty

  • Amidst the dual pursuits of studio work and street art, Kraken remains an astute observer of life’s diverse tapestry. His creations mirror the rawness of existence, a testament to his commitment to capturing the essence of his era with unfiltered honesty.

Sans titre de Kraken at Hôtel de Ville

A Graffiti Masterpiece Unveiled

  • The untitled creation by Kraken, born in 2022, finds its residence at Hôtel de Ville in Paris. A visual symphony that speaks the language of street art and urban expression, it adds a unique chapter to the city’s artistic narrative.

Capturing the Zeitgeist

Kraken’s Pledge to Authenticity

  • Kraken, while engrossed in the intricacies of studio work, dedicates himself to capturing the unfolding life, even its less graceful aspects. His art becomes a mirror reflecting the spirit of his time, a sincere attempt to encapsulate the essence of the contemporary.

Graffiti as a Street Art Movement

Contribution to Urban Aesthetics

  • Sans titre de Kraken stands as a testament to the power of graffiti as a street art movement. Kraken’s work contributes to the ever-evolving aesthetics of urban landscapes, inviting contemplation on the intersection of art and the city.

Rights and Recognition: Guillaume Bontemps / Ville de Paris

Acknowledging Artistic Contributions

  • The rights to Kraken’s masterpiece, captured through the lens of Guillaume Bontemps, are a recognition of the profound impact of street art on the cultural canvas of Paris. The city acknowledges and celebrates the vibrancy Kraken brings to its streets.

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