9eme Concept: Innovating Street Art with “Scratchpaper Etiquettes”

scratchpaper etiquettes marseille

A Revolutionary Creation

In 2013, the renowned French art collective 9eme Concept introduced an innovative street art initiative titled “Scratchpaper Etiquettes” in Marseille, France. This project marked a unique departure from traditional street art, delving into a distinctive form of creative expression.

The Concept: Unveiling Art on Paper

Unlike typical murals or wall paintings associated with street art, “Scratchpaper Etiquettes” brought art to the streets in a portable and interactive form. Utilizing paper cards as their canvas, 9eme Concept aimed to engage audiences by displaying artistic elements that could be interacted with and transformed.

The Collective and Their Vision

Founded in 1990, 9eme Concept comprises several artists collaborating to explore the boundaries of art. Their diverse portfolio spans from mural paintings to installations, illustrating a multidisciplinary approach to artistry. The collective’s innovative vision seeks to break the conventional confines of art by bringing creativity to unconventional spaces.

Exploring Marseille’s Urban Canvas

With the introduction of “Scratchpaper Etiquettes” in Marseille, 9eme Concept continued its tradition of pushing artistic boundaries. Through this project, the collective aimed to democratize art consumption by placing it directly in the hands of the public, allowing for participation and interaction within the city’s urban landscape.


9eme Concept’s “Scratchpaper Etiquettes” project serves as a testament to the collective’s commitment to innovation within the realm of street art. By employing paper cards as a medium for artistic expression, they not only transformed the streets of Marseille but also engaged audiences in a novel and interactive way, inviting them to be a part of the urban artistic experience.

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