Zesar: Expressive Street Art in Ekaterinburg

sentido de sC3%AD mismo zesar

Unveiling Zesar’s “Sentido de sí mismo”

Zesar, a Spanish artist renowned for his emotive and expressive street art, left an indelible mark on Ekaterinburg, Russia, through his creation titled “Sentido de sí mismo.” Executed on July 25, 2019, this mural stands as a testament to Zesar’s ability to convey profound emotions through visual storytelling.

The Canvas: Center for the Arts for Gifted Children of the North

The sprawling ten-meter wall of the Center for the Arts for Gifted Children of the North became the canvas for Zesar’s artistic expression. The mural portrays a man depicted pulling a golden ray out of his chest, symbolizing the transfer of emotions into art. For Zesar, street art is not only a form of expression but also a therapeutic outlet to channel emotions.

Metaphor and Symbolism

The golden light emanating from the man’s chest serves as a metaphor for the emotional energy that individuals transform into art. Zesar’s portrayal signifies the profound connection between personal experiences, emotions, and the creative process, encapsulating the therapeutic nature of street art for both the artist and the community.

Street Art as Recognition and Transformation

For the local residents of Ekaterinburg, street art serves as a means to recognize and appreciate the beauty and friendliness of their surroundings. Zesar’s mural contributes to the transformation of public spaces, infusing the cityscape with vibrant artistic narratives, fostering a sense of belonging and community engagement.

Photographic Documentation

The mural’s visual impact was captured by Grigory Postnikov, preserving the essence and beauty of Zesar’s creation. Through photography, the mural’s message and artistic intricacies are immortalized, allowing a wider audience to appreciate and contemplate its significance.


Zesar’s “Sentido de sí mismo” mural in Ekaterinburg represents more than just visual art; it signifies the fusion of emotions, therapeutic expression, and community engagement. Through his emotive storytelling, Zesar showcases the transformative power of street art, inviting individuals to explore and connect with their emotions while adding vibrancy to the cityscape of Ekaterinburg.

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