Unveiling “Shades of Chinatown” by Steven Wong

shades of chinatown steven wong

A Tribute to Diversity and Community in Chinatown

Steven Wong crafted the compelling mural project titled “Shades of Chinatown” in 2003, a testament to the vibrant and diverse community of Los Angeles’ Chinatown. This mural initiative was a collaborative effort led by the Youth Leadership Council of Chinatown and Lincoln Heights, in partnership with various organizations and individuals.

Mural Details and Creation

The mural, located at 421 W College St., Los Angeles, CA 90012, is an artistic tribute to the rich tapestry of Chinatown’s cultural heritage. Steven Wong’s artistic vision, coupled with the support of the Chinatown Service Center, ArtscorpsLA, L. A. Board of Public Works, and other entities, transformed this wall into a celebration of community and diversity.

Community Collaboration and Dedication

The project was made possible through collaborative efforts, involving contributions from several entities and individuals, including Mr. Chang’s and Mr. Tam’s Sensational, Students from Castelar and 99th Street Schools, UCLA’s Asian Pacific American Labor Studies Class, and the Hathaway Family Resource Center. This amalgamation of efforts and dedication underscored the mural’s significance in embracing the multifaceted facets of Chinatown’s community.

Photo Documentation

The mural’s existence is preserved through a compelling photograph captured by Ian Robertson-Salt. This visual documentation immortalizes Wong’s creation, allowing its essence to transcend time and be accessible for admiration beyond its physical presence.

External Link

The mural, titled “Shades of Chinatown,” is celebrated and showcased through an external link titled “Shades of Chinatown,” offering viewers the opportunity to experience and appreciate this magnificent piece of artistry.


“Shades of Chinatown” by Steven Wong stands not just as an artwork but as a reflection of unity, diversity, and community spirit within the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Through collaborative efforts and artistic prowess, this mural remains an enduring tribute to the collective identity and heritage of the Chinatown community.

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