Unveiling SHADOWMONSTERBEAR’s Street Art: Otters in Los Angeles

shadowmonsterbear otters hollowdoubt shadowmonsterbear

The Artistic Collaboration

In the vibrant streets of Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, an intriguing collaboration emerged under the creative prowess of the artist known as SHADOWMONSTERBEAR. This collaboration, captured by the lens of hollowdoubt, features a mesmerizing piece entitled “Otters,” showcasing the artist’s talent and dedication to the aerosol medium.

The Mural’s Debut

On the 14th of May 2014, SHADOWMONSTERBEAR’s creation, “Otters,” made its appearance in Boyle Heights, an area renowned for its diverse and burgeoning art scene. The fusion of aerosol techniques employed by the artist depicted an evocative and vivid portrayal of otters, curated within the bustling streets of Los Angeles.

Artistically Crafted Aerosol

Utilizing aerosol as the primary medium, SHADOWMONSTERBEAR captured the attention of onlookers by bringing to life these delightful creatures, the otters, in a picturesque setting. This mural’s depiction exuded the artist’s skilled application of aerosol, employing vibrant colors and intricate details to craft an engaging visual narrative.

Location and Visual Appeal

The specific location, at E 4th Street & South Pecan Street in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, became a canvas for SHADOWMONSTERBEAR’s artistry. The artful portrayal of otters added a touch of whimsy and nature’s beauty to the urban landscape, inviting passersby to pause and admire the creative spectacle.


The collaborative effort between SHADOWMONSTERBEAR and the photographer hollowdoubt culminated in the creation and documentation of the captivating mural “Otters.” Through their artistic prowess and innovative use of aerosol, SHADOWMONSTERBEAR breathed life into the streets of Boyle Heights, leaving an enduring impression on the rich tapestry of Los Angeles’ street art scene.

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