Shepard Fairey’s Urban Tapestry: “Cerrado por Malagueña”

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The Graffiti Maestro: Shepard Fairey, OBEY

Shepard Fairey, OBEY: Renowned globally for his iconic street art and graphic design, Shepard Fairey is a prominent urban artist known for his OBEY Giant campaign and iconic “Hope” poster for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. A trailblazer in the street art movement, Fairey’s work often blends political activism with pop culture, leaving an indelible mark on the global visual landscape.

“Cerrado por Malagueña”: Unraveling the Mural

In November 2013, Shepard Fairey, under the moniker OBEY, contributed to the vibrant urban art scene in Malaga, Spain, with a graffiti wall titled “Cerrado por Malagueña.” This mural was part of the MAUS program, specifically the “Cerrado por Malagueña” initiative, aimed at fostering free expression and providing a collaborative space for diverse artistic voices.

Details of Creation

  • Title: Shepard Fairey, OBEY, “Cerrado por Malagueña”
  • Creator: Shepard Fairey, OBEY
  • Date Created: 2013-11
  • Location Created: Casas de Campo Street, Málaga

MAUS Program: A Canvas for Creativity

The MAUS (Malaga Arte Urbano Soho) program served as the backdrop for Shepard Fairey’s “Cerrado por Malagueña.” This initiative seeks to transform public spaces into dynamic canvases, fostering artistic dialogue, and inviting a spectrum of local, national, and international artists to contribute their creativity to the city’s tapestry.

Casas de Campo Street: A Living Art Gallery

The mural found its home on Casas de Campo Street in Malaga, becoming a captivating addition to the city’s urban fabric. Casas de Campo Street, through initiatives like MAUS, has evolved into a living art gallery, where each mural narrates a unique story and collectively contributes to the cultural identity of Malaga.

Free Expression Unleashed

Shepard Fairey’s “Cerrado por Malagueña” stands as a testament to the unrestricted flow of expression within the street art realm. The MAUS program, by providing a platform for artists, facilitates the convergence of diverse themes, techniques, and perspectives, creating a vibrant tapestry of artistic innovation.

OBEY’s Signature Style: Melding Activism with Art

Shepard Fairey’s OBEY Giant campaign has become synonymous with his distinctive style. Melding activism with art, Fairey’s murals often carry a powerful message, challenging viewers to engage with societal issues. “Cerrado por Malagueña” is a testament to Fairey’s ability to infuse his creations with layers of meaning beyond the visual aesthetic.

Collaborative Artistic Space

Participation in the “Cerrado por Malagueña” project allowed Shepard Fairey to share creative space with a multitude of artists, fostering an environment where diverse ideas coexist. This collaborative spirit is integral to the essence of street art, where walls become communal canvases for shared expression.


Shepard Fairey’s “Cerrado por Malagueña” not only enriches the visual landscape of Malaga but also encapsulates the essence of urban art as a dynamic form of expression. As part of the MAUS program, this mural contributes to a global conversation where art becomes a catalyst for dialogue, activism, and the celebration of diverse artistic visions.

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