Sigaw: Gerilya’s Street Art in Metro Manila

sigaw gerilya

Gerilya, a Filipino collective, introduced “Sigaw” as part of the Filipino Street Art Project in Metro Manila, Philippines, in 2013. The project aimed to amplify artistic expressions within the bustling streets of Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Gerilya’s Street Art Endeavors

“Sigaw” by Gerilya was a representation of the collective’s passion for street art as a medium for societal expression. Through their unique approach, Gerilya aimed to vocalize and amplify messages through their artistry.

Exploring “Sigaw”

The artwork “Sigaw,” created using acrylic paint, served as a visual expression echoing the Filipino term for “shout” or “cry.” It reflected Gerilya’s endeavor to capture the essence of societal narratives through street art’s vibrant and compelling language.

Gerilya’s Influence and Vision

Gerilya’s artistic vision encompassed a collective effort, representing both male and female artists within their Filipino group. Their collective identity underscored the importance of unity and diversity in conveying powerful messages through street art.

Medium and Provenance

Utilizing acrylic paint as the chosen medium for “Sigaw,” Gerilya established ownership and authorship of this significant piece within the street art realm. The provenance of the artwork directly ties back to Gerilya, emphasizing their dedication and artistic involvement.


“Sigaw” epitomized Gerilya’s commitment to utilizing street art as a vehicle for societal expression. Through their collective identity and use of acrylic paint on the streets of Quezon City, Gerilya conveyed impactful messages, reflecting the pulse and voice of the community within Metro Manila’s dynamic urban landscape.

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