Unveiling Cyrcle’s “Slave” Masterpiece at MURAL Festival

slave cyrcle

Exploring Cyrcle’s Aesthetic Vision

Cyrcle, a collaborative artistic duo known for their unique style and symbolic narratives, made a profound impact at the MURAL Festival in Montreal, Canada. Their artistic aesthetic, steeped in classic romanticism and symbolic elements, aims to infuse hope and inspiration into dark and oppressive imagery.

The “Slave” Mural: June 12-15, 2014

During the MURAL Festival, Cyrcle presented their evocative mural titled “Slave.” This piece, created at 3550 St-Dominique, showcased Cyrcle’s distinct approach, incorporating dark and oppressive imagery to convey messages of hope and inspiration amidst challenging subject matter.

Symbolism and Real-Life Depictions

Cyrcle’s artwork often revolves around using symbolism and shades of gray to depict real-life struggles. Through their portrayal of challenging themes, the artists aim to provoke contemplation and dialogue while infusing a sense of inspiration and empowerment.

Contribution to Montreal’s Artistic Landscape

The MURAL Festival in Montreal provided Cyrcle with a prominent platform to showcase their artistic prowess. Their mural, “Slave,” contributed to the festival’s celebration of urban art, enriching Montreal’s artistic landscape with its thought-provoking themes and visual impact.

Cyrcle’s Message of Empowerment

Despite exploring somber themes, Cyrcle’s art encapsulates messages of empowerment and resilience. Their ability to embellish difficult subjects with a touch of hope and inspiration reflects their desire to ignite introspection and foster positivity through their art.


Cyrcle’s “Slave” mural at the MURAL Festival stands as a testament to the duo’s ability to transcend conventional boundaries, infusing dark imagery with messages of hope and inspiration. Their unique aesthetic and commitment to exploring challenging themes continue to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on Montreal’s urban art scene.

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