Bandit’s “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” Mural in Los Angeles

smile south central art by bandit

Exploring Bandit’s Street Art Creation for PROJECT: Smile South Central

In the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, artist Bandit contributed a compelling piece titled “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” as part of the PROJECT: Smile South Central initiative. The mural, captured in 2014, exemplifies Bandit’s street artistry and commitment to spreading positivity within the community.


Bandit’s artwork, created for PROJECT: Smile South Central, embodies the essence of the initiative, aimed at bringing smiles and positivity to the South Central neighborhood of Los Angeles. The mural serves as a visual testament to Bandit’s dedication to uplifting the local community through art.

Location and Creator Information

The artwork, bearing the title “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL,” was created at the El Pueblo Market’s back alley, situated at Western and 47th Streets in Los Angeles, California. The credit for the art goes to Bandit, whose @banditstreetart tag serves as the artist’s identity in the street art scene.

Photograph by @che_2a / Adam Ayala

The mural was captured and documented by photographer Adam Ayala, known as @che_2a on social media platforms. Ayala’s photograph preserves and shares the essence of Bandit’s mural, showcasing the artwork’s visual impact and its significance within the Los Angeles street art landscape.

Contribution to Smile South Central

Bandit’s participation in PROJECT: Smile South Central reflects the artist’s commitment to using street art as a medium to evoke positive emotions and foster a sense of community engagement and happiness within South Central Los Angeles.


“SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL,” crafted by Bandit for PROJECT: Smile South Central, represents more than just an artwork; it symbolizes the artist’s desire to bring joy and positivity to the local community in Los Angeles. Bandit’s mural serves as a visual reminder of the transformative power of street art, creating smiles and fostering a sense of unity and optimism within the neighborhood.

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