“SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” by Annie Preece and Muck Rock

smile south central art by muckrock v anniepreece

Project Details

  • Creators: Art by @muckrock v @anniepreece
  • Date Created: 2014
  • Location: Western and 48th Streets, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Project Initiator: Random Act Projects

Collaborative Artwork

“SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” stands as a collaborative artwork by street artists Annie Preece and Muck Rock. The project, initiated by Random Act Projects, aimed to create an impactful and engaging piece of street art in the heart of Los Angeles, California.

The Artists: Annie Preece and Muck Rock

Annie Preece, a talented muralist and visual artist, joined forces with Muck Rock, known for their graffiti and mural work, to bring their combined creativity to the streets. This collaboration speaks to their distinct styles and their shared desire to create art that engages and resonates with the community.

Location and Impact

Positioned at the intersection of Western and 48th Streets in Los Angeles, “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” possibly aimed to infuse positivity and vibrancy into the urban landscape. Street art of this nature often serves as a visual catalyst for positive change, aiming to inspire and uplift the local community.

Artistic Approach

While specific details about the artwork’s composition or message are not provided, the collaborative efforts of Annie Preece and Muck Rock likely resulted in a mural that captivates viewers with its aesthetic appeal and potentially conveys a message of unity, joy, or cultural representation.


“SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL” is a collaborative street art project between Annie Preece and Muck Rock, brought to life in 2014 through the Random Act Projects initiative. Positioned at a significant intersection in Los Angeles, this mural likely aimed to bring joy and positivity to the urban landscape while showcasing the unique styles and shared vision of these talented street artists.

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