SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL: A Collaborative Street Art Endeavor

smile south central phobik thrashbird and septerhed

Creators: Phobik, Thrashbird, Septerhed
Date Created: 2014
Location Created: Arlington and 48th, Los Angeles, California

Unveiling a Collaborative Masterpiece

In the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, California, a unique collaboration of artistic minds came to life in 2014. Phobik, Thrashbird, and Septerhed, three prominent figures in the street art scene, joined forces to create a mesmerizing piece titled “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL.” This collaborative endeavor was part of the larger initiative known as PROJECT: Smile South Central, a testament to the power of art in fostering positive change within communities.

The Artistic Collective

  • Phobik
  • Thrashbird
  • Septerhed

Phobik: The Visionary

With a unique artistic vision, Phobik contributed to the collective brilliance of SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL. His distinctive style, often characterized by intricate details and captivating symbolism, added depth to the collaborative mural.

Thrashbird: Urban Provocateur

Thrashbird, known for his provocative and thought-provoking street art, brought his urban edge to the project. His creations, often found in unexpected urban spaces, challenge conventional norms and ignite conversations.

Septerhed: Street Art Maestro

Septerhed, a maestro in the world of street art, infused the mural with his signature style. His contributions are a blend of urban sophistication and raw, unfiltered expression.

The Canvas: Arlington and 48th

Located at Arlington and 48th in Los Angeles, California, the mural found its home on the walls of the 48th Street Market. This strategic placement ensured that the art was not just an aesthetic addition but a cultural cornerstone within the community.


  • Store: 48th Street Market
  • Photograph by: @che_2a / Adam Ayala

The captivating photograph of SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL, captured by @che_2a (Adam Ayala), immortalizes the collaborative efforts of Phobik, Thrashbird, and Septerhed. The mural, with its eclectic blend of styles and vibrant energy, continues to be a source of inspiration and a symbol of positive transformation in South Central Los Angeles.

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