Smithe: Bridging Cultures through Street Art

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Smithe, born in Mexico City in 1988, stands as a prominent figure in the realm of urban art. His creative endeavors have captivated audiences globally, as showcased during the All City Canvas project’s Global Series in New York City from July 20th to August 3rd, 2013.

All City Canvas Global Series in NYC

The All City Canvas Global Series initiative organized interventions within New York City’s urban art scene, utilizing technology to connect diverse audiences worldwide. Collaborating with Mex and the City, the project aimed to foster collaborations and promote artists on a global scale.

Smithe’s Contribution

During the event, Smithe, a renowned Mexican urban artist, presented a stunning 200-foot mural as part of the ACCGS NYC. Sponsored by MTN Colors and presented by Factory Fresh at 1053 Flushing Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237, Smithe’s artwork left an indelible mark on the urban landscape of New York City.

Event Highlights

ACC Global Series NYC incorporated various components, including on-site interventions, live streaming of mural creation, Speaker Series, film screenings at the Abrons Center for the Arts, and Google+ Hangouts hosted by magazine editors from Mexico City and the USA. The utilization of Google+ Hangouts facilitated live-streamed connections among global urban art audiences during the event.

Artistic Impact and Collaboration

The primary objective of ACCGS NYC was to elevate unique artists like Smithe, aiming to provide them with a global platform for their works, fostering recognition and encouraging high-impact collaborations within the art community.


Smithe’s participation in the ACCGS NYC marked a significant milestone, emphasizing the fusion of technology and urban art to transcend cultural boundaries and foster global artistic connections, solidifying his place as a noteworthy figure in the contemporary street art landscape.

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