SocketScreen: Rafael Marchetti and Rachel Rosalen’s Digital Tapestry in Rome

socketscreen rafael marchetti and rachel rosalen

Title: SocketScreen

  • Creators: Rafael Marchetti and Rachel Rosalen
  • Creator Nationality: Brazilian
  • Creator Gender: Male – Female
  • Creator Birthplace: Brazil
  • Date: 2012
  • Location: Rome
  • Location Created: Piazza Navona, Roma
  • Productions: Outdoor – Messaggio per il futuro
  • Photographer’s Name: Daniela Pellegrini
  • Bio: Rafael Marchetti and Rachel Rosalen, both rooted in the world of experimental video that fuses technology and architecture, embarked on their collaborative journey in 2007. Blending spatial design (Roslen) and the creation of cybernetic environments (Marchetti), the duo crafts interactive installations and hybrid spaces. Their works aim to transform the surrounding space through technological solutions, leading the audience into alternate realms, creating immersive installations that alter conventional perceptions. In 2008, they secured an artistic residency at Warteck Werkraum in Basel for the project “About Love and Other Politics.” Among their various projects, “Territórios Complexos” was showcased at Kunstraum Walcheturm, DIY (Zurich), Plugin (Basel), Bains:Connective (Brussels), and Subte (Montevideo).
  • Type: Video Interactive Live Installation
  • External Link: Outdoor – Messaggio per il futuro

Unveiling SocketScreen: A Fusion of Art and Technology in Piazza Navona

Rafael Marchetti and Rachel Rosalen, visionary Brazilian artists, converged their expertise in video and experimental design to breathe life into the digital realm in 2012. The result: “SocketScreen,” an awe-inspiring outdoor installation unveiled at Piazza Navona in Rome.

The SocketScreen Experience: Audience as Protagonists

This groundbreaking project aimed to propel the audience into the digital world, turning spectators into active participants. The external wall of the Brazilian Embassy became a canvas for a performance that invited the audience to become protagonists of an audiovisual creation and part of a collective action.

Web Application Magic: From Words to Images

Through a specially crafted web application for smartphones, the audience was prompted to type a few words, triggering a sequence of images sourced from the internet. The mobile application served as a portal, connecting viewers directly to the performance. Each participant experienced the audiovisual composition projected onto the façade individually and collectively with the rest of the audience.

Territórios Complexos: Mapping São Paulo’s Pulse

In addition to SocketScreen, Marchetti and Rosalen showcased “Territórios Complexos 4639w 2334s” inside the Embassy, offering a fresh perspective on São Paulo. Through various survey devices, including cameras, video cameras, and GPS, the artists meticulously mapped Avenida Paulista, a pivotal junction in the city since 1891. The resulting installation, housed in a mirror architectural structure with two projectors, transformed the space into a kaleidoscopic, asymmetric, and polyphonic experience.

Digital Legacy and Global Reach: Outdoor – Messaggio per il futuro

While SocketScreen made a profound impact on the urban landscape of Rome, its digital legacy lives on through Outdoor – Messaggio per il futuro. The website provides a virtual space where audiences can explore the depth of Marchetti and Rosalen’s artistic innovation.

Conclusion: Rafael Marchetti and Rachel Rosalen’s Digital Odyssey

“SocketScreen” stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and technology, inviting viewers to transcend the boundaries of traditional spectatorship. Rafael Marchetti and Rachel Rosalen’s collaborative journey continues to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of art, technology, and collective experience.

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