SP15: INVADER’s Tile Invasion in São Paulo

sp15 invader

INVADER: Crafting a Legacy in São Paulo

  • Title: SP15
  • Creator: INVADER
  • Creator Lifespan: 1969
  • Creator Nationality: French
  • Creator Gender: Male
  • Creator Birth Place: France
  • Date Created: 2011/2013
  • Location Created: 26 rua João Adolfo, São Paulo, Brasil

INVADER, a male French artist born in 1969, leaves an indelible mark on São Paulo’s urban landscape with “SP15.” This tile installation, created between 2011 and 2013, becomes a unique entry in the “Invasão São Paulo” map, boasting 52 spots invaded in the vibrant city.

The Streets of São Paulo: A Canvas for Invasion

  • Type: Tile
  • Rights: INVADER, Fran Parente

“SP15” is not just a tile; it’s a testament to INVADER’s innovative approach to street art. With rights attributed to INVADER and Fran Parente, the installation becomes a collaborative venture that transcends traditional notions of artistic ownership.

The Birth of SP15: São Paulo Invasion

The creation of “SP15” is intricately woven into the larger narrative of “Invasão São Paulo.” In August 2011, INVADER embarked on a mission to invade São Paulo with his unique tile installations, marking 52 distinct spots on the city’s map.

São Paulo’s Urban Tapestry: 26 rua João Adolfo

The installation finds its home at 26 rua João Adolfo, São Paulo, Brasil, contributing to the city’s dynamic urban tapestry. Eduardo Saretta provides additional insights into the cultural significance of “SP15,” while an alternate link to a YouTube video offers a visual journey into the creation process.

Tile as a Medium: INVADER’s Signature Style

  • Type: Tile

INVADER’s choice of tile as a medium showcases his signature style. The mosaic-like appearance of the installation adds a pixelated charm to São Paulo’s streets, blending the digital aesthetic with the city’s organic landscape.

INVADER’s Global Invasion

As a globally recognized street artist, INVADER’s work extends beyond São Paulo. His invasions, documented on the official Space Invaders website, create a digital map of his artistic footprint, connecting cities and cultures through the iconic pixelated invaders.

Rights and Collaboration: Fran Parente

The acknowledgment of rights involving Fran Parente underlines the collaborative nature of street art. “SP15” becomes not just an artistic expression but a shared endeavor that merges the vision of INVADER with the documentation skills of Fran Parente.

Exploring the Invasion: Alternate Links

Alternate links, including a captivating YouTube video and the official Space Invaders website, provide avenues for enthusiasts to delve deeper into the creative process behind “SP15” and INVADER’s broader portfolio.

INVADER’s Legacy: A Pixelated Imprint

“SP15” stands as a pixelated imprint of INVADER’s legacy in São Paulo. As the invaders dot the city’s landscape, each tile becomes a pixel in the larger picture of São Paulo’s evolving street art scene, inviting viewers to explore the intersections of technology, culture, and artistic expression.

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