Steve Espo Powers: Stay Up in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct

stay up steve espo powers

Exploring Steve Espo Powers’ Artistic Contribution in South Africa

In 2012, acclaimed artist Steve Espo Powers, also known as Stephen Powers, left an indelible mark on Johannesburg, South Africa’s Maboneng Precinct with his artwork titled “Stay Up.” This mural became a notable addition to the city’s vibrant street art scene, showcasing Powers’ artistic vision and cultural impact.

The Artwork: Stay Up

“Stay Up,” created by Steve Espo Powers in 2012, signifies the artist’s distinctive style and storytelling approach through vibrant visual narratives. The specifics of the mural’s imagery are not detailed, but Powers’ reputation for evocative and socially resonant street art precedes this mural’s significance.

Location: 26 Ambrose Street, Johannesburg

The mural found its home at 26 Ambrose Street, Johannesburg, becoming an integral part of the urban landscape within the Maboneng Precinct. Powers’ artistic intervention contributed to the precinct’s colorful and eclectic artistic tapestry.

Steve Espo Powers: The Renowned Street Artist

Steve Espo Powers, renowned for his captivating blend of text and imagery, has left his artistic footprint across numerous global locations. His artistic journey involves a fusion of graffiti and storytelling, often depicting poignant messages through vivid colors and powerful messages.

Cultural Impact and Artistic Legacy

Powers’ “Stay Up” mural in Johannesburg represents his commitment to engaging with diverse communities and leaving behind thought-provoking visual narratives. Through his art, Powers aims to uplift spirits, inspire conversations, and contribute to the cultural fabric of the places he touches.


Steve Espo Powers’ “Stay Up” mural in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct adds to the ongoing conversation surrounding street art’s significance in urban landscapes. Powers’ distinct visual language and ability to infuse meaning into his murals have established him as a prominent figure in the global street art scene, leaving a lasting impression on cities worldwide, including his impactful intervention in Johannesburg’s artistic tapestry.

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