Sten + Lex: Innovators of Shifting Street Art

sten lex sten

Artist Profile

  • Artists: Sten + Lex
  • Date: August 15, 2012
  • Location Created: Atlanta, GA, United States

The Living Walls Project

In 2012, Sten + Lex, renowned for their inventive street art techniques, contributed to the Living Walls project in Atlanta, GA, as part of The City Speaks Inc. This particular mural was created in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, showcasing the artists’ unique approach.

Unconventional Mural Creation

Sten + Lex employed an unconventional method for their mural in Atlanta. The image was initially printed on a large plotter. Subsequently, utilizing hundreds of razor blades, they meticulously cut swatches of paper, slowly revealing the underlying image. Over time and due to weather, the image would gradually shift, creating an evolving street art experience.

The All-Female Street Art Conference

This mural was completed for the world’s first and only all-female street art conference in 2012. Sten + Lex’s participation highlighted their innovative techniques and their contribution to a pioneering event celebrating female street artists.

Location: Atlanta, GA

The mural took form in the bustling streets of Atlanta, GA, capturing the attention of passersby and contributing to the dynamic urban art scene within the city.


Sten + Lex’s mural in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward stands as a testament to their inventive approach to street art creation. Through the Living Walls project and their participation in the all-female street art conference, the artists showcased their pioneering techniques, making their mark in the ever-evolving landscape of street art in Atlanta, GA, United States.

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