Stickers by 9eme Concept: A Fusion of Art and Street Expression



Title: Stickers
Creator Lifespan: 1971
Creator Nationality: French
Creator Gender: Male
Date: 2004/2004
Sticker Artist: 9eme Concept
Provenance: 9eme Concept
Type: Sticker

A Sticker Revolution

Creator and Lifespan

In the vibrant landscape of Parisian street art, 9eme Concept, a male French artist born in 1971, left an indelible mark with his innovative exploration of stickers as a medium for artistic expression.

Unveiling Sticker Artistry

Date and Origin

The year 2004 witnessed a remarkable chapter in 9eme Concept’s artistic journey—the creation of a series of stickers that transcended conventional boundaries. This collection of stickers, simply titled “Stickers,” became a testament to the artist’s commitment to pushing the limits of street expression.

The Sticker as a Canvas

Exploring Mediums

As a pivotal member of the 9eme Concept collective, the artist delved into the world of stickers, transforming these small canvases into powerful vehicles for artistic communication. The stickers, a unique form of street art, allowed for widespread dissemination of creativity throughout the urban landscape.

The Artistic Collective: 9eme Concept

Collaborative Innovation

The collaborative spirit of 9eme Concept, a renowned artistic collective, played a significant role in the creation of the “Stickers” series. This collaboration brought together diverse perspectives and talents, contributing to the richness and variety of the sticker art.

Provenance and Legacy

Stickers’ Origins

The provenance of the “Stickers” series lies within the heart of 9eme Concept—a collective known for challenging traditional artistic norms. The stickers, born from this innovative milieu, carry the essence of the streets of Paris and the collective’s dedication to urban expression.


“Stickers” by 9eme Concept is not just an artistic endeavor; it is a testament to the dynamic fusion of art and street culture. The stickers, born in 2004, continue to reverberate through the streets of Paris, showcasing the enduring legacy of 9eme Concept’s creative vision. In the realm of street art, where the ephemeral nature of expression often defines the narrative, these stickers stand as enduring testaments to the power of creativity in unexpected places.

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