Unveiling the Creator: Ned (1971- )

street lille

Street Lille, an enigmatic creation born in the vibrant streets of Paris, France, emerged in the artistic realm in the year 2014. Crafted by the skilled hands of a visionary artist known simply as Ned, Street Lille has become a notable symbol in the world of street art.

Unveiling the Creator: Ned (1971- )

Ned, the creative mind behind Street Lille, was born in 1971. Hailing from France, this talented artist has left an indelible mark on the art scene, contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of street art.

The Essence of Street Lille

Title: Street Lille

The title “Street Lille” encapsulates the essence of this urban masterpiece, hinting at a connection to the city of Lille. This title not only serves as an identifier but also invites viewers to delve into the layers of meaning embedded in the artwork.

Type: Peinture (Painting)

Street Lille falls under the category of “Peinture,” showcasing the fusion of traditional painting techniques with the dynamic and unconventional canvas of the city streets. This choice of medium adds depth and texture to the artwork, making it a unique and captivating presence in the urban landscape.

Provenance: Ned

The provenance of Street Lille is firmly attributed to Ned, signifying the authenticity and direct connection of the artwork to its creator. Ned’s distinct style and artistic fingerprint are imprinted on Street Lille, creating a piece that is both personal and profound.

9eme Concept and the Collaborative Spirit

Street Lille is a part of the larger creative movement known as “9eme Concept.” This collaborative effort, initiated by a group of artists, including Ned, aims to explore new horizons in art and break free from traditional constraints. Street Lille stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, showcasing the synergy of individual talent within a collective artistic vision.

Street Lille’s Impact

Date: 2014/2014

Street Lille made its mark on the urban canvas in the year 2014, becoming a visual spectacle that captivated the attention of passersby. The temporal dimension of its creation adds to the intrigue, inviting reflection on the transient nature of street art and its relationship with the ever-changing cityscape.

Location Created: Paris, France

The choice of Paris, the artistic and cultural hub of France, as the birthplace of Street Lille adds a layer of significance to the artwork. Paris, with its rich history and diverse art scene, provides a fitting backdrop for Ned’s creation to make its statement.


Street Lille, a product of Ned’s creative genius, stands as a testament to the power of street art to transcend boundaries and communicate with the public in a profound way. Its presence in the bustling streets of Paris is a visual dialogue, inviting viewers to contemplate the fusion of traditional painting and urban expression. As a part of the 9eme Concept, Street Lille not only represents the individual brilliance of its creator but also embodies the collaborative spirit that defines the dynamic world of street art.

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