Unraveling “Sum thing loss some thing pound” by killingwithcuteness

sum thing loss some thing pound killingwithcuteness damien alexis austria
  • Title: Sum thing loss some thing pound
  • Creator: killingwithcuteness (Damien Alexis Austria)
  • Creator Nationality: Filipino
  • Creator Gender: Male
  • Date: Unknown
  • Location Created: St. Martin Village, 4th Estate, ParaƱaque, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Type: Street Art
  • Medium: Acrylic Paint

A Closer Look at the Artistry

“Sum thing loss some thing pound,” an enigmatic piece of street art created by the artist known as killingwithcuteness (Damien Alexis Austria), emerges as a vibrant presence within the bustling streets of St. Martin Village, Metro Manila.

The Artistic Persona

killingwithcuteness, with a mysterious pseudonym, showcases his artistic prowess through this piece, inviting viewers to delve into its profound meaning and visual aesthetics. His intention, though unknown in specific detail, is encapsulated within the artwork’s title, urging observers to ponder its significance.

The Filipino Street Art Project

This creation is part of the Filipino Street Art Project, serving as a vibrant addition to Metro Manila’s urban landscape. The project likely aims to infuse art into public spaces, fostering cultural vibrancy and providing a platform for local artists to express their creativity.

Exploring the Locale

The choice of St. Martin Village, 4th Estate, ParaƱaque, as the artwork’s location possibly aligns with a broader initiative to beautify neighborhoods and add a touch of artistic allure to the local community.

Medium and Execution

Employing acrylic paint as the primary medium, killingwithcuteness crafts an artwork that communicates a message or evokes emotions through colors, strokes, and composition. The details of the piece, though the specifics remain undisclosed, likely offer an engaging and captivating visual experience to passersby.


“Sum thing loss some thing pound” stands as an emblem of artistic expression, showcasing the talent and vision of killingwithcuteness within the rich tapestry of street art in Metro Manila. This piece, though shrouded in mystery, adds depth and intrigue to the local artistic landscape, leaving an indelible impression on those who encounter it.

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