Supremo: Gerilya’s Artistic Manifesto in Quezon City

supremo gerilya


In 2012, Quezon City in Metro Manila, Philippines, became the canvas for Gerilya’s powerful street art project titled “Supremo.” This Filipino Street Art initiative, led by Gerilya, introduced a visual manifesto that transcends conventional boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscape.

Details of the Artwork

  • Title: Supremo
  • Creator: Gerilya
  • Creator Nationality: Filipino
  • Creator Gender: Male, Female
  • Date: 2012
  • Location Created: Quezon City, Philippines, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Provenance: Gerilya
  • Type: Street Art
  • Medium: Acrylic Paint
  • Project Link: Filipino Street Art Project

Gerilya: The Force Behind the Art

Gerilya, the creative force behind “Supremo,” is a collective that challenges norms through street art. Operating within the dynamic Filipino Street Art scene, Gerilya embodies a spirit of rebellion, using art as a medium to communicate, question, and provoke thought.

Supremo: A Visual Manifesto

“Supremo” serves as a visual manifesto, encapsulating Gerilya’s ethos. Through this street art project, the collective communicates a narrative that is deeply rooted in Filipino culture, reflecting on historical, social, and political dimensions that resonate with the urban audience.

Quezon City: The Urban Canvas

The choice of Quezon City as the location for “Supremo” is strategic. As the most populous city in Metro Manila, Quezon City becomes a microcosm for the diverse narratives embedded in Filipino society. The urban canvas becomes a reflection of the collective identity and struggles of its people.

Gender-Inclusive Expression

Gerilya’s decision to include both male and female creators in the project challenges traditional gender roles. “Supremo” becomes not only a visual statement but also a platform for diverse voices, breaking free from conventional norms within the art world.

Acrylic Paint: The Medium of Rebellion

The use of acrylic paint in “Supremo” is intentional. This versatile medium allows for vibrant colors and intricate details, enhancing the visual impact of the artwork. The rebellious spirit of Gerilya finds expression through the dynamic and bold strokes facilitated by acrylic paint.

Filipino Street Art Project: A Collaborative Platform

The Filipino Street Art Project serves as a digital space where Gerilya’s artistic endeavors are documented and shared. This online platform extends the reach of “Supremo,” allowing a global audience to engage with and appreciate the Filipino Street Art movement.

Provenance: Gerilya’s Artistic Legacy

The provenance of “Supremo” firmly establishes Gerilya as the originator and guardian of this impactful street art project. The collective’s influence extends beyond the physical creation, encompassing the conceptualization and curation of a movement that challenges and redefines the Filipino urban narrative.


“Supremo” by Gerilya stands as more than a street art project; it is a bold assertion of cultural identity, rebellion, and inclusivity. As viewers encounter this manifestation in Quezon City, they become participants in a visual dialogue that transcends conventional norms, inviting them to reflect on the dynamic intersection of art and societal narratives in the Filipino context.

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