SLIKS: Weaving Urban Narratives Through Graffiti

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Title: tags
Creator: SLIKS
Creator Lifespan: 1981
Creator Nationality: Brazilian
Creator Gender: Male
Creator Birth Place: Brazil
Date Created: 2013
Painted Location: 119 Rua Gonçalo Afonso, São Paulo, SP

SLIKS: Shaping Perspectives in São Paulo

Artistic Vision

SLIKS, born in 1981 in Brazil, is a distinguished Brazilian street artist known for his unique approach to graffiti. His creations go beyond traditional tags, weaving intricate narratives that reflect the dynamic interplay between urban landscapes and the organic elements of nature.

tags: A Fusion of Reality and Fantasy

Date and Location

In 2013, SLIKS brought his artistic vision to life at 119 Rua Gonçalo Afonso, São Paulo, SP, with the creation titled “tags.” This masterpiece serves as a testament to SLIKS’ ability to blend different perspectives, seamlessly merging reality with fantasy to mirror the organic essence of a city.

Exploring Organic Cityscapes

Artistic Philosophy

SLIKS’ work is characterized by the exploration of organic cityscapes. Through his graffiti, he invites viewers to contemplate an urban environment where nature’s elements coexist with the man-made, creating a harmonious yet dynamic tapestry of perspectives.

Creator’s Lifespan and Birthplace

Brazilian Roots

SLIKS, hailing from Brazil, infuses his creations with the rich cultural and artistic heritage of his homeland. His lifespan, unfolding from 1981, encompasses a period marked by significant developments in street art globally.

More About SLIKS

External Links

These external links provide a deeper insight into SLIKS’ portfolio, allowing enthusiasts to explore more of his captivating work and gain a comprehensive understanding of his artistic evolution.


“tags” at 119 Rua Gonçalo Afonso stands as a testament to SLIKS’ ability to transform ordinary urban spaces into captivating narratives. His unique blend of reality and fantasy, coupled with a profound connection to nature, sets SLIKS apart in the realm of Brazilian street art. As viewers engage with “tags,” they enter into SLIKS’ world, where the boundaries between the urban and the organic blur, inviting contemplation and appreciation for the dynamic tapestry of São Paulo’s streets.

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