Sofrenia and Eclesiastika: Transforming Santiago’s Sky Museum with Collective Graffiti Art

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The Artists: Sofrenia and Eclesiastika

Sofrenia and Eclesiastika collaborated in orchestrating a transformative graffiti mural collective in Santiago, Chile. While specific details about the artists remain limited, their collaboration left an artistic imprint on the city’s urban landscape.

The Artwork: Taller Graffiti Mural Colectivo 2013 – YouTube

The collaborative project, documented in a video titled “Taller Graffiti Mural Colectivo 2013 – YouTube,” unfolded on December 4, 2013, at the Museo a Cielo Abierto en La Pincoya. The mural adopted a style reminiscent of Mola art from the Caribbean regions of Colombia and Panama, created alongside the youth participants from the cultural center.

Location and Impact

The physical location of the mural was at Av. Recoleta con Los Limones in Huechuraba, situated within the context of the Museo a Cielo Abierto en La Pincoya. The collaboration between Sofrenia, Eclesiastika, and the youth attendees contributed to the vibrant cultural narrative of Santiago.

Artistic Collaboration and Expression

Sofrenia and Eclesiastika’s engagement with the youth in the cultural center fostered a collective expression of graffiti art. The mural’s stylistic adaptation from the Mola tradition aimed to infuse indigenous elements and cultural references into the urban fabric, encouraging cultural exchange and artistic exploration.


Sofrenia and Eclesiastika’s collaborative mural project, captured in the “Taller Graffiti Mural Colectivo 2013 – YouTube” video, reflects their commitment to community engagement and cultural representation through art. Their effort in channeling the vibrant Mola style into Santiago’s urban realm at La Pincoya stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative graffiti art and its ability to embrace cultural diversity within the cityscape.

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