Ten Mean Net Block Sat Turd Day King Fish: A Mysterious Creation

ten mean net block sat turd day king fish killingwithcuteness


  • Title: Ten Mean Net Block Sat Turd Day King Fish
  • Creator: killingwithcuteness
  • Creator Nationality: Filipino
  • Creator Gender: Male
  • Date: Unknown
  • Location Created: Alcala, Anulid, Pangasinan, Philippines
  • Type: Street Art
  • Medium: Acrylic Paint

The Enigmatic Artistry of Killingwithcuteness

A Mysterious Persona

The obscure figure known by the pseudonym “killingwithcuteness” emerged within the Filipino street art scene without revealing a concrete identity. The title “Ten Mean Net Block Sat Turd Day King Fish” hints at a cryptic narrative yet to be unraveled.

Unveiling Obscurity Through Art

Amidst the streets of Alcala, Anulid, Pangasinan, the enigmatic artist, whose identity remains shrouded in secrecy, engaged in a solo paint session. This particular artwork occurred on Black Saturday, evoking an air of mystique surrounding the creation process.

An Expression in Acrylic Paint

The medium used for this elusive artist’s expression was acrylic paint. The form and style of the street art piece remain unknown, adding an element of intrigue to its visual representation.

Unanswered Questions

The title, devoid of immediate interpretation, implies a deeper narrative, yet the details remain elusive. The circumstances surrounding this artwork, its thematic elements, and the intention behind its creation continue to mystify viewers.


“Ten Mean Net Block Sat Turd Day King Fish” by killingwithcuteness stands as a puzzling enigma within the Filipino street art landscape. Its existence and form persist in the realm of mystery, inviting speculation and contemplation, leaving observers questioning the intentions and story behind its obscure title and visual expression.

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