“Terr Teen Mass Where Tey” by Killingwithcuteness: A Tribute to Triskaideka Masuerte

terr teen mass where tey killingwithcuteness


“Terr Teen Mass Where Tey” stands as a significant piece within the Filipino Street Art Project, a homage conceived by the artist Killingwithcuteness. This artwork is a tribute to Triskaideka Masuerte, renowned for its symbolic significance.

The Artist

Killingwithcuteness, a male Filipino artist, conceived and executed this tribute. His identity and artistic vision significantly contribute to the Filipino street art scene.

Artistic Tribute

The artwork served as a tribute to Triskaideka Masuerte, likely embodying certain cultural or personal themes related to luck, superstitions, or traditional beliefs prevalent in the Philippines.

Creation and Medium

Painted in 2014 using acrylic as the primary medium, “Terr Teen Mass Where Tey” found its existence at the Cevio Art House located in Pasig City, Metro Manila. The choice of acrylic paint signifies the artist’s preference for this particular medium to express his vision.

Location and Significance

The Cevio Art House in Pasig City became the canvas for this expressive street art piece. The location adds contextual depth to the artwork, potentially holding cultural or symbolic importance tied to the area or its surroundings.


“Terr Teen Mass Where Tey” by Killingwithcuteness embodies an artist’s homage to Triskaideka Masuerte, showcasing the artist’s creative ingenuity within the Filipino Street Art Project. This tribute, painted with acrylics, contributes to the richness and vibrancy of the Metro Manila street art landscape.

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