Revealing The London Police’s Street Art

the london police the london police


  • Title: The London Police
  • Creator: The London Police
  • Date: 2014-09-04/2014-09-06
  • Physical Location: Borås, Sweden
  • Location Created: Borås, Sweden

The London Police: Engaging Street Art Creators

The London Police, a renowned artistic duo comprising Chaz Barrisson and Bob Gibson, embarked on an exciting mural painting project during the No Limit Street Art Borås event held in Borås, Sweden, from September 4th to September 6th, 2014.

The Mural Creation

Their mural painting during this event showcased the distinctive and iconic style that has come to define The London Police’s artwork. Known for their humorous and whimsical imagery featuring their trademark LADS characters, their mural in Borås was anticipated to be an engaging and visually captivating addition to the city’s street art landscape.

The No Limit Street Art Borås Project

The No Limit Street Art Borås initiative aimed to transform the urban landscape of Borås into an open-air gallery, inviting internationally acclaimed street artists to contribute their unique creations to the city’s walls. The participation of The London Police in this project underscored the event’s goal of celebrating diversity and creativity in street art.


The London Police’s involvement in the No Limit Street Art Borås event marked a significant moment in the city’s street art scene. Their mural painting not only added vibrancy to Borås but also contributed to the legacy of street art, showcasing the duo’s artistic flair and leaving a lasting impression on the city’s streetscape.

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